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Let’s Go to The Grammys!

Throw on your fanciest shoes, comb your hair, borrow some of the most outstanding jewelry you can find. You have waited for this moment all year and it is time for the 64th Annual Grammy Awards. The 1st Annual Grammy Awards were held on May 4, 1959, celebrating the prestigious accomplishments of those involved in the music industry. The Recording Academy and Grammy voters elect who best served their purpose as an entertainer for the entire year prior. During the first official Grammy Awards, many artists were recognized. Artists such as Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Felix Slatkin, Henry Mancini and Meredith Willson all received awards. Political comedian Mort Sahl was the emcee and featured a musical sketch titled “How South Was My Pacific”.

Mort Sahl Photo: The New York Times

Year 2000 hit some high notes as winners from all over took the stage to accept their gilded gramophone. Winners as: U2, Santana, Christina Aguilera, Eminem, Foo Fighters, Miles Davis, Clive Davis and Aretha Franklin took up their prestigious awards and thanked the good people around them who helped them succeed in this industry. Santana was awarded the most amount of Grammys that year(8) and took home the coveted “Album of the year” Award. Christina Aguilera, was awarded the “Best New Artist” beating out her peers and competition Brittany Spears, Kid Rock, Macy Gray and Susan Tedeschi.

Photo credit:

When gathered all together, artists converse over drinks. They are able to act “normal” because they are surrounded by likeminded peers who just want a night to themselves. the artists/music icons all mix together this evening as they sit theater style and watch as their comrades achieve greatness through their Grammy Award and acceptance speech. In the key of acceptance speeches, one has really stood out. Mr. Kanye West had a wild and impulsive hair when he decided to proclaim who he thought should have won the award in the year of 2015. Shutting out Becks acceptance speech and throwing him in to confusion as what to say. Kanye returned to his seat without saying anything on stage. But off stage he expressed his opinion that Beck should give up his Grammy to Beyoncé. This is similar to what he did to Taylor Swift back in 2009.

Photo from USA Today.

Let’s liven things up with what we all know and love. The Grammy performances! So many hours of practice really goes into play as artists get glamorized and perform their most popular hits. This year’s performances will be a blast to watch as we will be watching and listening to some pretty big names. Billie Eilish, BTS, Lady Gaga, Lil Nas X with Jack Harlow, Justin Bieber (who received eight nominations), Olivia Rodrigo, Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak. So many names taking the stage to represent how hard they have worked all year long on advancing their music career. We all have our favorite Grammy performances. One performance had us wondering what was going on until the message was clearer as Kristen Wiig Interpretively danced, lip-sinking the words to Sia’s song “chandelier”. Sia singing in the back left corner of the stage in 2015. Another emotionally notable performance was in 2020 when Demi Lovato changed the way the world viewed them with their first performance back following their overdose. The absolutely incredible vocalist belted “Anyone” and even had to restart the song after choking up in the beginning of the heartfelt melody. This was on the same day that we lost basketball legend and his beloved daughter Kobe and Gianna Bryant. The world was in shock that day already but whenever Demi shared their view-changing song, it turned the world on it’s ear.

Photo credit:

The 64th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony will be held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas tonight, April 3, 2022. Trevor Noah from “The Daily Show” will be hosting. Harvey Mason, Jr CEO of the Recording Academy has released this as a formal statement: “We’re so excited to welcome Trevor back to the GRAMMYs stage and feel fortunate to once again have him hosting what we believe will be an unforgettable evening.” Trevor was the esteemed host for last year and was an absolute professional delight. Silk Sonic, the dynamite, dynamic duo featuring Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars will be opening the ceremony followed with performances by Carrie Underwood, John Legend and many more. Set to present will be Kelsea Ballerini, Avril Lavigne, Jared Leto, Anthony Mackie and Michaela Jaé Rodriguez just to name a few. This is surely going to be a night to remember.

Building Bridget Bollom

Strength comes when we least expect it. With courage, determination and positivity, you have the power within you to complete any challenge. Bridget Bollom is a prime example of how far you can go when you stay focused on your goal. In 2006 Bridget was faced with a huge setback. She had torn her ACL and was athletically impacted. She however didn’t stay down for long. She used her pain as the focal point of her determination and drive. She channeled her inner warrior and pushed through the limits of physical pain. Whenever her insurance would no longer cover her medical needs, she was forced to do physical therapy on her own and prevailed with flying colors. She was back on the field in no time, ready for more wins. In High School, Bridget was a known athlete. Always competing, always grinding and always winning. Her talents growing up were very noticeable and impressive. Throughout her High School Career, she was involved in what seemed to be every sport but in reality she exclusively thrived through Basketball, Volleyball, Track and Field, Cross Country and Softball. Her favorite sports were Cross Country and Track and Field. The girl sure could go! She was thrilling to watch as her strength and endurance persevered each and every meet.

Bridget is currently in the running to become featured on the front cover of Muscle and Fitness HER’s where she will not only be on display for the world to see but I’m sure will be able to share her story and how she pushes through really tough times. Not to forget she will also be awarded prize money if she wins. When asked what made her stand out from her competition and the most ideal candidate to be featured, Bridget said “not only do I participate in fitness , I understand the importance of fitness from not only a physical but mental and spiritual perspective”.

If she could go back in time and give herself advice during a difficult time, she would share these words: “ There is a perfectly good explanation as to why your past refers to your tiny rearview mirror and your future refers to the giant windshield in front of you.” She follows in saying “ my past is not a precursor to what or who I can become so Bridget, take your eyes off the past and shift them to the endless possibilities of your future.” I think younger Bridget would have been moved and encouraged indeed. Who doesn’t love looking towards the future and imagining the endless possibilities?

Motivation is important when trying to move any obstacle. Bridget is motivated by the important things in her life. Her family. Her boyfriend and beautiful son are by her side every day and encourage her to be a better person in every way possible. Second, she is motivated by the people she trains or has ever trained beside her. She is moved to her core by their stories and positivity. If she had the option to trade bodies with anyone in the world for one night only, she would remain herself because she has come a long way and she is proud of where she is. She is proud of who she is. Just like everyone around her right now is so darn proud of her.

Fitness has been a huge part of Bridget’s daily life as she uses it to maintain her mentality. After the tragic loss of her grandmother, losing her battle with Covid in January of 2021, Bridget beat not only Covid but her depression as well. She tries to stay as positive as possible and it really shows. The thought of her grandmother pushes her in ways she couldn’t begin to describe.

If Bridget could thank three people for her current position in the top ten contestants, she would thank her late and beloved grandmother Sylvia and her boyfriend Dion Villarreal. She especially thanks God for all of her accomplishments. You can tell that the Lord is with her because her spirit just shines. Possibilities seem endless. Where will her journey take her? Who will she be introduced to? What will she accomplish next? I am excited to see where she goes in life and witness all the lives she inspires.

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Chesney Claire is “Not in the Mood”.

Imagine, being in an open field, wind blowing through 100 year old Louisiana Oak Trees, the fresh smell of wildflowers in bloom and the sound of an all terrain vehicle approaching you. You see an infectious smile and a wave. You think it is just some ol country girl trying to say “hey” but as fate has it, rising pop star Chesney Claire is atop that 4-wheeler. She hops off and gives you a tour of her family farm in South West Louisiana called Helms Farm and Ranch which was established in 1902 by her great grandfather, LA State Representative, Walter Helms. Her family had thousands of acres for her to explore and be creative. Her brother would accompany her whilst exploring. They would pack MREs and go on adventures until the sun went down. She truly relished her upbringing and has many wonderful memories to share. One song at a time.

Chesney was reared to understand the value of hard work. At a young age, (15) she began singing in dive bars around her small town circuit with her High School Show Choir Rock Band. She is even photographed singing lead with Justin Timberlake’s Guitar player, shredding the keyboard . She could not do all this without having her mother Kim Hébert by her side the whole way. She has shown the love and support that has guided Chesney down a musical path. “My Mom is the one responsible for getting me this far in my music career. She’s the reason for everything I am. She’s my best friend”. -CC

Even-though Chesney Claire approaches struggles of the world with positivity, she has had her fair share of trials and tribulations. In 2016, she had the heartbreak of a lifetime as she lost her best friend and brother, Matthew. During 2015 he was home from the Army and was diagnosed with War Induced PTSD. He later battled an addiction and unfortunately lost. With Chesney’s father being notably terrible, he left Kim in an arm sling the day she had to bury her baby boy. Chesney is scarred with remembering that moment for the rest of her life. Not weeks later, she suffered the loss of her grandfather saying “ I can’t live without that boy”. Due to heartbreak of losing a grandson and husband, her grandmother then followed in passing. Chesney and Kim decided it was best to pack up and move away; leaving behind sorrow and three fresh graves.

After traveling almost 1,600 miles, Chesney Claire arrived to Las Vegas Nevada. She has been taking the town by storm for two years now. She loves the idea of living in Greece, Italy or Switzerland if she could be anywhere in the world. Thick culture is deeply rooted in her DNA.

With inspirations such as Lil Peep, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga, Chesney has developed her own soulful sound . Her vocal coach is none other than Bucky Heard of the Righteous Brothers. He always fills her with kind advice and keeps her authentic. If she could have anyone cover her latest single “Not In The Mood”, she would for sure want to hear SZA give it a go.

“Not In The Mood” was written effortlessly as the words poured from Chesney’s fountain of phonics after a “boring” business meeting. She walked around her house singing one thing after another and before she knew it, she was in the studio, recording a hit. If she could associate the creative song with any color, it would be Royal Purple. “This color is commanding- it deserves to be heard/seen. It’s “in your face” without being harmful or apologetic. It’s Royalty.” -CC. If there were a screening for the “NITM” music video, that would only play one time for three individuals, Chesney would invite Founder of London Music Group and manager to Post Malone: Dre London. Along with A list managers Scooter Braun and Dr. Mathew Knowles.

The Wounded Warrior Project is a priority to Chesney as she concentrates her efforts into helping veterans who suffer PTSD as her brother did. She has projects coming up with them and is an active advocate for them as a partner since 2001.

You could ask any artist “What is the most important message you have for your fans” and they would probably say “that I love them” or “thank you for the support” Chesney’s approach was a bit different in saying her fans make her feel like “the day before Christmas “. She stays close with as many people she can. She believes her fans are everything in her career. People are showing their love and support for her by calling radio stations and posting pictures of themselves with Chesney’s billboards. She is so proud of where she is in life and credits that to the people who surround her not only on a day to day, but spiritually as well. As we are ready for her, Chesney is so ready to be in the spotlight and has some “HUGE” plans in the making. The thrill of knowing this star is going to impact the world, is exhilarating.

On your walk with Chesney Claire, you not only learned about her selflessness, her drive, her passion; you got to see the type of artist the world needs. Someone who cares enough to up and change her life, network and achieve impossible awards. She has big dreams and goals. How awesome is it that we get the chance to watch her bloom into who she is meant to be.


          Born and reared in New Orleans, along with Jazz and Gospel music, Ikill Orion has graced the music scene, following in the footsteps of his great grandfather, a piano player of French decent. It is his destiny to be musical and he proves to us, he has what it takes.

          When asked about his inspiration behind his sexy, outgoing tunes, Orion states “The inspiration to create music didn’t just come from one source it flourished out of a hunger,burning desire & necessity to express myself fully. In essence the relationship I have with music is one that is both soulful & spiritual. He also claims, Early “(Golden Age)” hip hop played a huge significant role in shaping his views and ideas of the world.  Through the powerful medium of music, Ikill says “making it becomes a shapeshifting tool for self-reflection, self awareness and self confidence—music is my religion”.

Photo credit: Hitomi Okuno

          The “Le Nude.Wav” singer describes the music that he typically creates as ” bold, sexy, pure, provocative and celestial”. He believes in the power of authenticity. “As an artist/global brand, you have the responsibility to push the creative envelope”. Ikill Orion does just that. He is driven to challenge the Norm in order to create “timeless, original, not watered down or  filtered” and “uncompressed new sound”. He is definitely taking responsibility into his own music because his featured songs “$candalust” and “Dreamashine” push the creative envelope.

Photo credit: Hitomi Okuno

           Ikill Orion, when asked about his creative process responded with “The process varies depending on whats going on in the world or what specifically I am trying to say, message I want to convey etc..  it could start with an idea, evolve into a concept which later morphs/manifest into a mantra. I try to always be present in the moment without dictating where a song idea, melody, beat, or chorus can or can’t co-exist within the framework of what I am creating. It could depend on my mood, the atmosphere, my environment–they all work in harmony when I am in deep concentration creative mode.There’s no right or wrongs in the process ..for me it’s very liberating to let the animal out that’s inside of me”. The deep words of Ikill Orion are those of intellectual positivity and grace. Truly inspiring.

Photo credit: Hitomi Okuno

          Asked “who would you like to collaborate with?” Ikill responded with “Producers I am most fond of as often times they don’t get enough credit for being the geniuses that they are and what such impact they bring to society.I do have a wishlist of a few producers/composers/sound designers that I feel would do my sound & style justice. One being Dr.Dre. Everything he touches is magic! The second would be Rick Rubin (both him & Russell Simmons single handedly built Def Jam and made hip hop a global phenomena) third would be Trent Reznor of “Nine Inch Nails”. His play on sound has influenced so many producers, whether they know it or not. Lastly would be Depeche Mode, not only are they the best band on the planet they’re musical integrity has had a profound impact on me!”. He has definitely thought this through and came up with brilliance. True gold.

Photo credit: Hitomi Okuno

          He sings in the shower ladies and gentlemen! When asked if he sang in the shower Ikill mentioned that he has been singing his new singles/showstoppers in the shower. He is planning on bringing his singles from the shower to the stage. -All dripping wet in his glory.

Photo credit: Hitomi Okuno

         Ikill has had the honor to perform all over the globe at festivals and concert tours in the US, UK and Japan. He’s looking forward to tour Europe and
especially going to Germany.

          In addition to Ikill Orion’s double single “Le Nude.Wav”, which is available on Spinnup/Universal Music, he has a genderless unisex clothing brand “NEO” (New Exclusive Orion) high fashion street wear private capsule Spring/Summer collection will be available online April 22nd in conjunction with Earth Day’s 50th anniversary. Portions of the proceeds from both the release of Le Nude.Wav & NEO S/S’20 spring collection will go to Portions of the proceeds from both the release of Le Nude.Wav & NEO S/S’20 spring collection will go to Amnesty International. Doing a little bit of it all, Ikill is co-owner of Japanese luxury lifestyle organic green tea brand KYO-T which will be available online
April 1st via Amazon distribution in the US and UK. A busy man who makes it look effortless, Ikill Orion is inspiration to all who follow his art. I’d expect big things to come from him and his brand this year. Do not be surprised if you hear his unique name out on the streets weather or not you are talking about your threads or the latest song you’ve been blasting In the car. His name will be spoken and his brand will be unstoppable.

Ikill Orion– Le Nude.Wav – Out Now! Universal Music

Ikill Orion
$candalust (NC-17)

*Nominated for a Film Noir Award*

Start to End.

My release plan to my album is simple but at be the same time, complex. I am releasing my a album in three parts. I have already released my debut EP “Start”. The next album will be a mixtape of different genres. It will be titled ,”2″ sort of like “part two” but it actually holds the place before the word “End” being the third released EP, featuring The three parts saying “start to end”. The name of the bonus track on “End”.

The reasoning behind the three part release is mainly because I want to share with the world how my mental illness effects me into breaking things up into different categories and genres I want to show someone “just because you have everything spread apart and all over the place, doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful original product”.

I am now campaigning to raise money for my final debut release. I will be recording in Boston with Plaid Dog Records. We will be delivering the message that everybody can do anything they put their heart to. Just because you have illnesses, doesn’t mean you’re limited. Work hard and achieve your goals through illness and spread positivity throughout everything you do.

If you would like to donate to my pre pledge campaign please feel free to contact me via email.