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Chesney Claire is “Not in the Mood”.

Imagine, being in an open field, wind blowing through 100 year old Louisiana Oak Trees, the fresh smell of wildflowers in bloom and the sound of an all terrain vehicle approaching you. You see an infectious smile and a wave. You think it is just some ol country girl trying to say “hey” but as fate has it, rising pop star Chesney Claire is atop that 4-wheeler. She hops off and gives you a tour of her family farm in South West Louisiana called Helms Farm and Ranch which was established in 1902 by her great grandfather, LA State Representative, Walter Helms. Her family had thousands of acres for her to explore and be creative. Her brother would accompany her whilst exploring. They would pack MREs and go on adventures until the sun went down. She truly relished her upbringing and has many wonderful memories to share. One song at a time.

Chesney was reared to understand the value of hard work. At a young age, (15) she began singing in dive bars around her small town circuit with her High School Show Choir Rock Band. She is even photographed singing lead with Justin Timberlake’s Guitar player, shredding the keyboard . She could not do all this without having her mother Kim Hébert by her side the whole way. She has shown the love and support that has guided Chesney down a musical path. “My Mom is the one responsible for getting me this far in my music career. She’s the reason for everything I am. She’s my best friend”. -CC

Even-though Chesney Claire approaches struggles of the world with positivity, she has had her fair share of trials and tribulations. In 2016, she had the heartbreak of a lifetime as she lost her best friend and brother, Matthew. During 2015 he was home from the Army and was diagnosed with War Induced PTSD. He later battled an addiction and unfortunately lost. With Chesney’s father being notably terrible, he left Kim in an arm sling the day she had to bury her baby boy. Chesney is scarred with remembering that moment for the rest of her life. Not weeks later, she suffered the loss of her grandfather saying “ I can’t live without that boy”. Due to heartbreak of losing a grandson and husband, her grandmother then followed in passing. Chesney and Kim decided it was best to pack up and move away; leaving behind sorrow and three fresh graves.

After traveling almost 1,600 miles, Chesney Claire arrived to Las Vegas Nevada. She has been taking the town by storm for two years now. She loves the idea of living in Greece, Italy or Switzerland if she could be anywhere in the world. Thick culture is deeply rooted in her DNA.

With inspirations such as Lil Peep, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga, Chesney has developed her own soulful sound . Her vocal coach is none other than Bucky Heard of the Righteous Brothers. He always fills her with kind advice and keeps her authentic. If she could have anyone cover her latest single “Not In The Mood”, she would for sure want to hear SZA give it a go.

“Not In The Mood” was written effortlessly as the words poured from Chesney’s fountain of phonics after a “boring” business meeting. She walked around her house singing one thing after another and before she knew it, she was in the studio, recording a hit. If she could associate the creative song with any color, it would be Royal Purple. “This color is commanding- it deserves to be heard/seen. It’s “in your face” without being harmful or apologetic. It’s Royalty.” -CC. If there were a screening for the “NITM” music video, that would only play one time for three individuals, Chesney would invite Founder of London Music Group and manager to Post Malone: Dre London. Along with A list managers Scooter Braun and Dr. Mathew Knowles.

The Wounded Warrior Project is a priority to Chesney as she concentrates her efforts into helping veterans who suffer PTSD as her brother did. She has projects coming up with them and is an active advocate for them as a partner since 2001.

You could ask any artist “What is the most important message you have for your fans” and they would probably say “that I love them” or “thank you for the support” Chesney’s approach was a bit different in saying her fans make her feel like “the day before Christmas “. She stays close with as many people she can. She believes her fans are everything in her career. People are showing their love and support for her by calling radio stations and posting pictures of themselves with Chesney’s billboards. She is so proud of where she is in life and credits that to the people who surround her not only on a day to day, but spiritually as well. As we are ready for her, Chesney is so ready to be in the spotlight and has some “HUGE” plans in the making. The thrill of knowing this star is going to impact the world, is exhilarating.

On your walk with Chesney Claire, you not only learned about her selflessness, her drive, her passion; you got to see the type of artist the world needs. Someone who cares enough to up and change her life, network and achieve impossible awards. She has big dreams and goals. How awesome is it that we get the chance to watch her bloom into who she is meant to be.


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