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Building Bridget Bollom

Strength comes when we least expect it. With courage, determination and positivity, you have the power within you to complete any challenge. Bridget Bollom is a prime example of how far you can go when you stay focused on your goal. In 2006 Bridget was faced with a huge setback. She had torn her ACL and was athletically impacted. She however didn’t stay down for long. She used her pain as the focal point of her determination and drive. She channeled her inner warrior and pushed through the limits of physical pain. Whenever her insurance would no longer cover her medical needs, she was forced to do physical therapy on her own and prevailed with flying colors. She was back on the field in no time, ready for more wins. In High School, Bridget was a known athlete. Always competing, always grinding and always winning. Her talents growing up were very noticeable and impressive. Throughout her High School Career, she was involved in what seemed to be every sport but in reality she exclusively thrived through Basketball, Volleyball, Track and Field, Cross Country and Softball. Her favorite sports were Cross Country and Track and Field. The girl sure could go! She was thrilling to watch as her strength and endurance persevered each and every meet.

Bridget is currently in the running to become featured on the front cover of Muscle and Fitness HER’s where she will not only be on display for the world to see but I’m sure will be able to share her story and how she pushes through really tough times. Not to forget she will also be awarded prize money if she wins. When asked what made her stand out from her competition and the most ideal candidate to be featured, Bridget said “not only do I participate in fitness , I understand the importance of fitness from not only a physical but mental and spiritual perspective”.

If she could go back in time and give herself advice during a difficult time, she would share these words: “ There is a perfectly good explanation as to why your past refers to your tiny rearview mirror and your future refers to the giant windshield in front of you.” She follows in saying “ my past is not a precursor to what or who I can become so Bridget, take your eyes off the past and shift them to the endless possibilities of your future.” I think younger Bridget would have been moved and encouraged indeed. Who doesn’t love looking towards the future and imagining the endless possibilities?

Motivation is important when trying to move any obstacle. Bridget is motivated by the important things in her life. Her family. Her boyfriend and beautiful son are by her side every day and encourage her to be a better person in every way possible. Second, she is motivated by the people she trains or has ever trained beside her. She is moved to her core by their stories and positivity. If she had the option to trade bodies with anyone in the world for one night only, she would remain herself because she has come a long way and she is proud of where she is. She is proud of who she is. Just like everyone around her right now is so darn proud of her.

Fitness has been a huge part of Bridget’s daily life as she uses it to maintain her mentality. After the tragic loss of her grandmother, losing her battle with Covid in January of 2021, Bridget beat not only Covid but her depression as well. She tries to stay as positive as possible and it really shows. The thought of her grandmother pushes her in ways she couldn’t begin to describe.

If Bridget could thank three people for her current position in the top ten contestants, she would thank her late and beloved grandmother Sylvia and her boyfriend Dion Villarreal. She especially thanks God for all of her accomplishments. You can tell that the Lord is with her because her spirit just shines. Possibilities seem endless. Where will her journey take her? Who will she be introduced to? What will she accomplish next? I am excited to see where she goes in life and witness all the lives she inspires.

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